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How do successful companies get their start? How do they grow and how do they develop leadership in product quality, freshness, brand recognition and preference among millions of consumers in the Western United States?

Sam's Poultry Market
The extraordinary success story of Zacky Farms began in Kiev, Russia in 1897 with the birth of Samuel Zacky. His family immigrated to the United States in 1908, eventually settling in Los Angeles. He entered the poultry business in 1928 when he opened Sam's Poultry Market in Los Angeles. Sam bought live chickens from local farms to sell both in his store and to other retailers. In those days, the customer picked a live bird from the retailer's coop and had it killed and dressed on the premises . . .

Sam Zacky
Esther Zacky
Sam and his wife Esther raised three sons: Harry, Al and Bob. The boys got their first taste of the poultry business by helping out on the Van Nuys ranch where Sam raised Leghorn hens, fryers and rabbits. After finishing their schooling, the boys began working in their father's store and eventually joined the family business which moved from a retail to a wholesale enterprise.

In 1955, Zacky Farms incorporated, signaling the start of its rise to becoming a leader in the California poultry industry. Samuel Zacky remained active in the company until his death in 1964. Following his death, Al and Bob assumed total management of Zacky Farms.

Realizing the need for a steady supply of quality birds for a processing plant which had been established in South El Monte, Zacky Farms began building its own growing ranches in the 60's. In 1967, they built a chicken hatchery to supply the company-owned and contract ranches with birds.

In 1971, Al and Bob made their boldest move yet, with the purchase of Balfour Guthrie assets in California. It was also at this time that Hank Frederick, Saul Brand, and Harry Zacky brought their valuable expertise to the business. With the purchase of Balfour Guthrie, Zacky Farms acquired their first feed mill located in downtown Fresno, a hatchery and several ranches. Suitably modified and expanded, the mill provides scores of types of feed to the millions of birds growing on the ranches. Later, a facility was purchased and became our Southern California Distribution Center in South El Monte, Ca.

October of 1979 saw the opening of a state of the art chicken processing facility in Fresno. Its 135,000 square feet allow the processing of more than one million birds per week. Two processing shifts are responsible for the fresh bagged and tray packed chicken.

In 1984, the company acquired the turkey assets of Swift & Company, including a processing facility, cold storage and packaging building, a hatchery, and ranches also in the Fresno area.

To continue the growth and provide additional marketing opportunities for the growing turkey market, Zacky Farms purchased Poppy Foods Company in 1985 and entered in a much broader way the further processed poultry market. These expansions have led to Zacky Farms being a fully integrated turkey and chicken company with breeder ranches, hatcheries, grow out ranches, processing, feed mill, sales and distribution networks. Besides raising and processing fryers, roasters and turkeys, Zacky Farms is also a leading distributor of beef, pork, lamb and fish products to California retailers from the South El Monte Distribution Center.
Traver Feed Mill
Kerman Turkey Hatchery
Major capital expansion and growth programs were announced in 1989: In Fresno County, the West Fresno processing plant; in Kerman, a new hatchery; and in Tulare County, the largest animal feed mill west of Denver, located in Traver, Ca.

In late 1994, a new further processing facility was acquired from Safeway in Stockton. This state of the art facility replaced the recently burned down Poppy plant in Dinuba, California and restored Zacky Farm's full ability to produce quality cooked and further processed products for an ever growing demand. Added growth to the turkey complex occurred in 1995-1997 with the major renovation of the turkey processing plant and the addition of cooler/freezer space for over fourteen million pounds of product.

Zacky Farms currently employs more than 3,000 people in Los Angeles, Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and San Joaquin Counties. Zacky Farms' continued capital investment reinforces its commitment to continued planned growth and development in its primary production area of Central California.
Home to millions of Zacky Farms'
California grown chickens

Zacky Farms has grown from a small, family-run retail business to a completely integrated poultry operation - becoming the second largest poultry company in California and among the largest in the United States. Throughout the years, Zacky Farms has been a consistent supplier of quality products and has established consumer awareness that associates the name of Zacky Farms with both quality and excellence. Zacky is as fresh as you can get!

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