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The Turkey As Hero
(Paraphrased excerpts from The National Turkey Federation with some
of our own thoughts thrown in as well.)

Your family receives more nutritional benefits from turkey than any other protein, be it chicken, beef, pork or lamb. Why? Because turkey is higher in protein and lower in fat and cholesterol. Not to mention, a real value when comparing prices with the alternatives.

And, the word is out: turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving. Turkey consumption is a year-around affair these days, with just 32% served during the holidays. U.S. growers raise about 270 million turkeys each year at about 15 pounds each, or more than four billion pounds of this delicious, versatile meat. Astounding, isn't it? On average, each of us consumes about l7.7 pounds each year. California, our Golden State, is the sixth largest turkey producer in the US

White Meat vs. Dark Meat

While dark meat is preferred internationally, folks in the U.S.A. like white meat best, which is typically about 70% of the bird. White meat also has fewer calories and less fat, but dark meat is a favorite for soups and stew recipes, adding great flavor to rich marinades, and for grilling and barbecuing.

So Versatile!

For example, ground turkey is taking the place of traditional beef and pork for spaghetti sauce, chili and meat loaf, fajitas and tacos, and savory soups. Turkey sausages are delicious at breakfast and for dinner casseroles. Boneless, skinless cutlets and tenderloins are being prepared in place of veal and chicken breasts in hundreds of recipes including stir fry, and what can top a fresh turkey sandwich? And, lastly that beautiful golden brown turkey breast or whole body bird at your home's carving station.

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